HMRC Tax Enquiries

Behind with required disclosures to HMRC?

HMRC Tax Enquiries

We are regularly asked to bring a client’s tax affairs up to date where, for whatever reason, they have failed to make the required disclosures to HMRC.

We will review the overall position and advise on making a full disclosure of their affairs to HMRC in an attempt to avoid the enquiry being treated as a criminal matter and if this is achieved, the enquiry will be run on a non-criminal basis known as Code of Practice 9.

We will advise the client at all stages of the enquiry which will include:-

a)       Assessing the  client’s assets and liabilities and earning capacity

b)      Represent the client at meetings with HMRC to discuss the client’s affairs.

c)       Review the suggested tax, interest and penalties

d)      Negotiate the client’s ability to pay any ultimate liability.