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Reaching places that others never venture

HCA Consultancy is a multi-disciplined organisation under the direction of managing director Lennie Harris, a skilled forensic accountant who also specialises in dispute resolution and several other areas of expertise. The company works together with you as an extension of your own business. He is also an accredited Expert Witness and advises the legal profession and prisoners on a range of issues covering Proceeds of Crime matters to the management of their personal finances and disposal of assets. If you have business or tax problems you will find HCA to be a trusted friend and confidante who will examine your situation in the finest detail and identify the most straightforward way forward to resolve difficult and worrying situations. Flexibility and wide-ranging experience allows HCA to provide a service that is tailored to its clients’ individual needs. HCA understands that affordability is important. A range of packages and skills is available to meet many differing situations. All HCA activities are regulated and carried out in conjunction with our associates who are approved by the Financial Services Authority.

Development of the business

HCA was founded by Lennie Harris, a Chartered Accountant and member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland. After qualification, he joined Price Waterhouse Coopers (“PWC”) and having gained experience working in one of the world’s largest firms, he joined a medium sized accountancy practice as an equity partner. In 1985 he set-up his own practice in the centre of Manchester. Over time he realised he was drawn to helping those difficult cases where clients needed to restructure their affairs. In 2013 the main stream business was sold so he could focus on finding answers for clients with disputes, debt or too much money. He has extended his expertise into providing forensic accountancy services and specialises in helping people with Proceeds of Crime Orders.

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Lennie Harris


Accountancy & Tax

HMRC Enquiries

Misfeasance claims against Directors

Dispute Resolution

Director Disqualification

Insolvency & Debt Solutions

Forensic Accountancy

Prisoners Financial Affairs

Expert Witness

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Light at the end of the tunnel

If you’re experiencing financial problems and the future is looking bleak, a chat with HCA might just be the thing to cast some light at the end of the tunnel. As your trusted advisor HCA will help to find the most suitable options available for the recovery and growth of your personal or business affairs. You can then concentrate on keeping the business healthy, cashflow smooth, challenges manageable and morale high. Not only will you regain control of your money, HCA will show you how to keep it under your control in the future. Importantly, we will be sympathetic to your situation and together, we can do something about it. Talk to us soon and we can put a plan together to brighten up your future.

I was grateful for HCA Consultancy’s expertise, experience and negotiating skills. Involving a dispute resolution specialist was the best thing I could have done.  It took away the stress, made sure my investment was protected and left me with a viable business opportunity.

A goal without a plan is just wishful thinking!

Putting a plan together

To ensure that we can respond to your needs we will sit down with you and talk things through. We’ll need to ask you questions to identify what your particular problem is.  Why has it happened? Then we can look at how to resolve it and devise strategies to prevent it recurring. Think about where you want to be, your intentions, objectives, goals.  We can help you get there. We’ll try to prevent future pitfalls so that you can be ready for any challenges ahead. The way forward, bespoke to your business, can be addressed in stages 


•    Vision
•    Plan
•    Action
•    Success  


Once you’re back on track you can come back to us to help you with your future fiscal and business planning.  You need never be left alone again.

HMRC came me with a bill for tax interest and penalty liabilities of £120,000 and bailiffs were knocking on my door. Lennie Harris at HCA managed to reduce the liability down to £20,000 by challenging the makeup. He negotiated the lowest level of penalties and a small amount of interest with time to pay’ An agreement reached. He spoke to the HMRC officers at my door to defuse the situation. My wife was also concerned but in the end we were very happy with the result.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

Your finances are always a sensitive matter. If things are not going according to plan you don’t want the world to know about it. Perhaps you’re losing sleep because you’re worried about creditors or concerned about a dispute with the authorities. Maybe you have had disagreements with former partners, business or marital. Or you might have too much money and it needs to be declared. It's times like these that you need a trusted confidante, someone who will listen without judging, without finding fault and who will find practical, affordable solutions for you. Finding answers is what we do. We’ve done it for many clients, small or large, for more than three decades. It all starts with a phone call and sitting down for an informal chat. We listen and discuss your options. Information you entrust us with will remain confidential and if any information needs to be shared with third parties (such as creditors, lenders or financial bodies) during any negotiations or settlement, this will be agreed with you in advance. The sooner you speak to us the faster we can help you to resolve your problems.


Our advice will be independent because HCA Consultancy is not affiliated to, owned by or influenced by any other party.  

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