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Case Studies

You can’t dodge the taxman

An HCA client received a tax assessment from HMRC for £120,000, totally out of the blue.  He was adamant that this was excessive, and it was affecting his health. In need of professional advice he approached HCA to represent him and authorised the firm to act on his behalf.


HCA managing director, Lennie Harris personally took on his case and carefully checked on the make-up of HMRC’s calculations, including interest and penalties. Interest calculations were adjusted and the levels of penalties negotiated to arrive at a final liability.


Discussions were then held to establish the client’s affordability to pay and the time required to mee his liability. Once all this was completed HCA made sure that the client complied with HMRC requirements in the future.


HCA then made sure that their client had no more sleepless nights by ensuring that his income tax returns were prepared and submitted on time.  

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